FloorsToU stocks an extensive range of typical wood flooring. Oak, Maple, Ash, Hickory and Walnut are but a few of the most common types of hardwood in our Grandview, Missouri stockroom. We likewise preserve stocks of lovely varieties of unique South American, Bamboo and Rustic woods. We have everything you need for your Orlando house renovating project.

Our installers and finishers are all staff members of FloorsToU Hardwood who specialize and are trained in the hardwood flooring business. Send us a consultation request today if you require somebody to come out and take a look at your current hardwood floors and the area you have been dreaming was wood.

Our cutting edge pre-finishing facility can custom match any stain colors you or your clients select and our finishers are able to provide a 95 % dust totally free work-zone in your home. We concentrate on staircase construction, hardwood refinishing, brand-new wood installation and even hardwood recoating for those minor but obvious imperfections in your current floor.


FloorsToU Tile has years of experience refinishing wood floors in the Orlando location. Wood floor refinishing can make an older hardwood floor look new once again, and actually bring life back into your home. Our team of experts always utilizes the most recent in redecorating items to make sure your floor will look the very best.

FloorsToU utilizes dustless refinishing for your hardwood flooring task. This technology resolves the problem of a redecorating task being an unpleasant procedure. Dustless wood floor refinishing ensures that the task stays practically dust totally free, and keeps your Orlando area home as clean as possible.

FloorsToU carries the most current in stain finishes and colors when it comes time to stain your new floors. There are many colors of spots on the marketplaces today, and you can choose which truly fits the design of your home and brings out the charm in your wood floors. After the initial stain application, we rub the floors and include numerous coats of finish to produce a solid seal to protect your hardwood floors from typical wear and tear. You also have the choice of the kind of finish you desire. A redecorated wood floor from Kenny’s will certainly rejuvenate your floors and make your home stunning.

At Kenny’s Tile & Flooring, we provide both alternatives, but we suggest oil-based polyurethane over water based due to the fact that:

1. It looks better

2. It lasts longer

3. It costs less.

There definitely are some exceptions and different customers have different requirements so let’s explore this a bit even more so that you can make the very best educated decision for your flooring needs.

Advantages of oil-based polyurethane.

Oil based polyurethane looks better.
It has a more depth– both in color and sparkle and it looks the method we expect hardwood to look. Water based polyurethane has both a duller color and a duller surface.

The other concern when it pertains to appearance is that in time the polyurethane ambers and darkens a bit … normally providing it a richer look while the water based poly simply continues to get duller over time.

Oil based polyurethane lasts longer than water based.
There is no contest on the durability in between the 2 alternatives. Water based polyurethane has lower VOC’s– which is a little an environmental benefit however since it has lower VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), it does not last as long. Water based poly is thinner, and you frequently need 4-5 coats to amount to the sturdiness of 3 coats of oil based.

We do not have actually detailed analytical studies, but many customers who call to redecorate their floors and previously had water based poly, call after 5-6 yrs. of use vs. most consumers that call to redecorate their oil based polyurethane around the 10 yr. mark. At those points in time, the water based poly looks even worse than the oil based– in fact, it’s normally removing and the hardwood is beginning to look gray. Exactly what is likewise interesting is that almost all customers who have actually had water based polyurethane tell us they would NEVER do water based again. While refinishing and sanding is not awfully expensive, it can be rather bothersome if you stay in the home. You need to move all the furniture out and typically disappear for a week. If you’re going to go through the hassle of refinishing your floors, I advise doing it right so it last longer.

Oil based polyurethane costs less than water based.
The water-based material is more expensive, but, on top of the preliminary cost, you also have to think about that you will have to redesign the entire task quicker … you will probably redo them almost twice as frequently. Now, there are a number of advantages to water based polyurethane and in some circumstances, water based poly is a fantastic choice.

Advantages of water based polyurethane:

Water based polyurethane dries faster.
In our opinion, this is the largest benefit of water based polyurethane. Usually, water based tasks you can walk on it that night; oil based tasks (depending upon humidity) you have to wait a minimum of 24 hrs. prior to strolling on them. This alternative can really make good sense for industrial companies such as stores or restaurants as longer drying time indicates the shop is closed, and there is a true business cost to that. For routine property owners, typically, it is worth waiting to the next day dry in order to have the task last longer.

We have lots of customers who are in a rush to move into their new home, however we always suggest that it’s worth delaying move in by a couple of days and get their floors done. If you do not, you will invest more money and time spending for this later. For consumers already staying in their house, we suggest that they do this while they will be away for the project.

Natural or un-stained Red Oak, Maple & Walnut
Water Base finish will really make unstained or natural red oak floors lighter and less red or orangey looking than oil base upon red oak. It will actually bleach the red out (this result takes time about 3-4 weeks after final layer). On natural or unstained maple flooring the color will stay crisp maple color where Oil base surface will amber or yellow over time. Water base on walnut will certainly appear hazy or cloudy & milky with duller color where oil base hands down will include more depth and bring out a darker richer color.

Water based polyurethane does not smell as bad.
Both water based and oil based poly scent, and we still advise that customers go away or stay elsewhere while this work is being done.

Water based polyurethane is a bit better for the environment … but it does depends upon how you take a look at it.

Since water based polyurethane has lower VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), it is a bit much better for the environment. As discussed above, the VOC’s are lower not non-existent. And, importantly, this ecological advantage just has an impact throughout the DRYING time. When the poly is dry, there is no distinction in scent, off-gassing, and so on and, yes, this can be confirmed with the maker.

While water based is a bit better for the environment, keep in mind that it doesn’t last as long and the floors will need to be redone in a few years, thereby getting rid of that benefit. This will certainly lead to an earlier demise of the wood.

You will certainly require to include more coats of water based poly because water based polyurethanes just include 30-35 % solids (vs. oil based include 45-50 %) solids. Water based poly has the tendency to cost more than oil based poly. And, when you include in an extra 1-2 coats, your expense also increases. Among water based polyurethanes, a lot of professionals concur that Bona is the very best brand name, and specifically Bona Traffic line. This item absolutely costs extra, however if you are going to make use of a waterborne polyurethane, Bona is the way to go.


Couple of things can improve the quality of a home the way a wood floor can. It brings in charm, warmth, and radiance to a home, whether in a bedroom, a dining room, a living room, or a cooking area. And it’s a lot more affordable than one might picture. Because of the outstanding insulating properties of wood, it can help keep a room warmer in the winter season and cooler in the summer, which in turn saving the house owner on energy expenses over the long term.

Skillfully installed or redecorated wood flooring can significantly enhance the appeal and value of your house. The stock market may rise and fall, but the money spent on installing and keeping a wood floor in a house is an investment that can pay for itself often times over; both in the cash value it brings in and in the enjoyment it provides property owners year after year.


FloorsToU Hardwood is an industry leader in supplying the finest prefinished hardwood flooring options offered. Our in-house prefinish production supplies a wide range of grades and colors are readily available to improve the natural appeal of whatever hardwood flooring species you want. Every species Kenny’s offers is from NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) certified mills. Our stance is that decisions made today will affect the environment as well as the market for decades to come. We share the obligation with landowners, foresters and other industry specialists to guarantee that renewable forests can be sustained for the brand-new century and beyond.